THE GED® and Matriculation Exemption


USAf has sent us confirmation in writing regarding the GED® and Matriculation Exemption going forward until we have clarification from Umalusi regarding the Round Table held late in 2018.

As per the previous communication any application for foreign conditional exemption must be accompanied by a letter of offer from a university recognised by USAf. It is our understanding that this is any non-online American university that is accredited by any of the American accrediting bodies as stipulated in the Gazette.

USAf has confirmed in writing that they will not consider applications for foreign conditional exemption from South African-based holders of the GED® who

  • a. Register for, or begin work on the GED® after the end of 2018.; or
  • b. Obtain the GED® credential after December 2019.

We continue to work together with the GED Testing Service to engage with USAf, Umalusi and SAQA in an effort towards seeking improved recognition and acceptance of the GED® in South Africa.

Lindsay Calder
GED® South Africa

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