You have landed on the website of The Education Scene (Pty) Ltd and are subject to the Terms and Conditions stated herein, whether using our website or any part thereof, including but not limited to the online ordering facility. The Terms and Conditions should be seen as an agreement or contract you are entering into and agree to when interacting with us. Please read the terms and conditions carefully:


  1. “Agreement” refers to this document and any document we may refer to as an Annexure included herein.
  2. “Website” refers to the URL, namely theeducationscene.com and any page connected thereto.
  3. “Content” refers to any wording, graphics, images, photos, drawings, presentations, files, PDF documents, designs, icons, charts and maps or similar.
  4. “Company” refers to The Education Scene (Pty) Ltd, with company registration no. 2014/268804/07, also referred to as “TES” in this Agreement and owns the website theducationscene.com and contents thereof.
  5. “User” refers to the person who is using the Company’s Website.
  6. “Intellectual Property” refers to creations of the mind, inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names and images used, trademarks, patents, confidential information, domain names, meta tags, computer programmes, applications and software and also including but not limited to Content listed in Clause 3 above.


  1. CEO – Linda Ingram (linda@theeducationscene.com)
  2. Executive Director – Nadia Jordaan (nadia@theeducationscene.com)
  3. Non-Executive Director – Tamsyn-Lee Thirion
  4. For general queries: info@theeducationscene.com)


  1. The Website has been developed so that information can be accessed by the user and for his / her own personal and non-commercial use.
  2. The User may not reproduce, duplicate or re-sell or provide content to a third party without the prior written consent from the Company.
  3. The User may under no circumstances use any method to extract information, listings, data whether doing so in person or devising technological methods to do so.
  4. The User may not use or publish Content from the site that may be offensive or contravene the constitutional rights of any individual.
  5. The User may not upload any virus, programme, application or code that may change or damage its content in any way.
  6. The Company has the right to refuse access or the ability to purchase content by users.
  7. Products and services that are advertised for sale on this Website are intended for individuals 18 years or older.
  8. Products are offered at purchase prices that are displayed and as soon as a successful transaction is made and the payment process confirmed, the user is given access to the product purchased.
  9. Products and courses purchased on the Website will have a specified time period available for use. This information is displayed prior to purchase. Access to the products or courses will expire at the end of that period without notice or explanation.
  10. The Company may provide links to third party products and services and as such cannot guarantee that the websites or links may be operational 100% of the time.
  11. The Company makes no guarantee of third-party products regarding the quality, accuracy, nor can it guarantee that the third-parties have complied with intellectual rights or copyrights of another person or company.
  12. The User should be aware that by using third-party supplier websites that these organisations may have their own Terms and Conditions.
  13. PDF documents that are downloaded upon payment, may be used by the purchaser only and may not be given to any other person for use.


  1. Recognition to the Company must be given when copying or replicating data and using it and publishing it elsewhere.
  2. The PDF documents that are made available for sale on this Website is owned by a third party supplier.
  3. The Company logos or any branded item, may not be used in any way without prior written approval by the Company. To obtain permission, email linda@theeducationscene.com.


  1. There are products and services for sale listed on the Website that includes a description and price. Products can be purchased using the shopping cart and payments made through the payment gateway, PayFast. Please note that:
    1. Once the payment has been made, access to the product will be given to the User.
    2. No refunds will be considered after any PDF document that is downloaded by the User, or where access has been given to a product or programme.
  2. Services and some courses advertised on the Website requires interaction with the Company before payments can be calculated and at times a screening process may be necessary.
    1. Where courses and services are offered, a quotation will be provided once details have been obtained from the User.


  1. The Company adheres to any regulation prescribed by the academic institution that owns the course and will ensure that pre-requisites are met before registration of courses can be processed.
  2. The Company may provide planned course dates, times and venues but it should be noted that the Company reserves the right to make changes as and when needed.
  3. It should be noted that the Company provides sales and marketing services for the academic institutions and does is not an accredited institution.


  1. The Company will not be held liable for any damage caused in a direct or indirect manner whether it be expenses or losses whatsoever.


  1. Please email:
    1. linda@theeducationscene.com; or
    2. nadia@theeudcationscene.com


  1. The terms and conditions of this Agreement are governed by the laws in South Africa and as such, the User agrees that the South Gauteng High Court will have jurisdiction on any matter or dispute that may arise from this Agreement.