Student Administration Systems


Our goal is to work with education institutions in optimising resources using the most appropriate software applications available to suit short, medium and long term needs. We consider existing processes, software applications currently used, together with requirements of quality assurance bodies to ensure a customised solution is provided.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Sales – keep track of leads, applications and enrolments (sales). Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and reporting is key to making predictions on future business. Recording of expenditure on advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives and success thereof is equally important.
  • Enrolment – the ability to upload and approve applications for numerous courses and qualifications taking into account their unique requirements and fees can be a challenging and time-consuming process. These procedures need to be fast, accurate and effective. We work with various parties to provide solutions for data storage, data management and reporting.
  • Learning Material – the ability to provide access to learning material, whether in paper or electronic format, requires that applicable systems and procedures are in place. From the planning stage to the delivery and distribution of books, textbooks or electronic forms thereof is critical in the peak periods of the year to ensure students or learners receive their products on time and in accordance with the terms of their contracts. We have many solutions that will provide the right fit for you and your institution.
  • Student / Learner Progress – one of the key successes to a successful outcome depends on how you monitor and take care of the needs of your students or learners. Student or learner needs can vary from academic support, motivation or even counselling. Various solutions will be examined to meet your needs and these include early warning detection procedures that allow you to track student / learner progress.
  • Assessments – whether the need is to record, calculate and report on tests, formative or summative assessments, examinations, re-examinations or calculating final marks or success rates, all will be considered when finding your perfect solution. These might include the traditional paper-based processes or automated online systems. We will find the ultimate solution for you.
  • Graduations – the culmination of all of the above activities will finally lead to students or learners completing their course, programme or qualification. These results are normally collated and reported to parents, students or learners and even employers. These reports can take the form of graduation booklets, report cards, transcripts and certificates. We will work with you to find the most secure, quality assured and accurate way of producing these critical outcomes.

Please click here to request a discussion regarding your individual needs. We look forward to your enquiry and promise to be in touch right away.

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