One-on-One Digital Coaching


(2 Days)

At The Field, we deeply understand that two things at a premium for most people are headspace, and time. We also understand that a commitment to lifelong learning can make heavy demands on both of these.

Our response is to develop a blended learning approach: one-on-one coaching perhaps to prepare you to make the most of any of our programmes, but certainly to sustain and deepen your learning and help you become future-fit. This is especially useful for anyone who does not have time to attend lengthy programmes, and who needs a learning approach tailored to their schedules and specific needs.

How will it benefit you?

  • It is a safe, focused environment in which to build your perspective and capabilities around the digital world and the key principles, threats and opportunities associated with digital disruption
  • Learn methods to elevate the conversation in your organisation, and adapt your operating model to accommodate best digital strategy
  • Gain confidence in your efforts to drive profound and sustainable change

Programme format

Coaching happens face-to-face or remotely via Skype or conference call. It is charged per hour in blocks of 10 sessions.

The coaching agenda is open and emergent and will naturally evolve from being a broad-based discussion around common language and key principles towards a conversation that is in line with your specific questions and needs as they relate to your own business activities.

About the coach

Alison Jacobson


Alison Jacobson is one of the founder and directors of The Field. She works with senior leaders from business, government and civil society to help them understand, navigate and embrace the disruptive forces at work today.

Alison contributes extensively to global thought leadership around the impact and opportunities introduced by digital transformation, emerging technologies, and our responses to it. She is uniquely well placed as a guide and coach in this space: she was previously Group Principal Digital Strategist at Dimension Data. Clients have described her as ‘a strong leader, evangelist, knowledge worker and inspiration in the digital and application worlds’.

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