Whether your budget is large or small, we will find a solution tailored to meet your needs to ensure that you can offer accredited or non-accredited course content online using Moodle.

We are able to offer you:

  • Advice and Guidance – we assist in creating an eLearning strategy that works best for you. Planning is most important when scoping the outcomes and in doing so, we can determine your needs and provide you with options that will meet your needs. Whether it is upgrading your current content or creating new content, you will be able to expand your service delivery and increase your turnover by offering online solutions.
  • Custom Content Development – we have specialists that can design your learning content to suit your target audience and their needs. These tools are vast and include anything from video production, voice overs, 3D and 2D animations, simulations and much more.
  • Accreditation & Compliance – we have expert advice available that will provide the required guidance to ensure the outcomes are in line with requirements from the various quality assurance bodies. These are particularly important when assessing students and learners and recording evidence. Special attention is given to the authentication of assessment processes and procedures associated thereto.
  • Course Mapping and Matrices – for accreditation purposes, detailed matrices are provided.
  • Badging – digital credentials are being developed world-wide and Moodle has the required infrastructure to meet the growing need of industry as well as your students and learners. We can assist you with the mapping of learning content and developing the framework for you to award your personalised badges.
  • Training – once the Moodle platform is developed, we can provide training to key staff members, which include administrators and academic staff to ensure they are comfortable with the system and fully utilise all the available functionality. They will also be able to update the site as and when required.
  • Payment Gateways – we are able to set up suitable payment gateways to ensure that students or learners are able to review and purchase content through a quick and easy payment process. Bulk purchases are available, allowing your students and learners to purchase multiple products simultaneously.
  • Hosting Management – we offer a service where we monitor your hosting service provider to make sure that the requisite backups are done consistently as per the contract. We will also query and work towards resolving any issues that may present themselves.
  • End-User Support – the Moodle system is vast and we have found that there are a few questions from administrators from time to time. We offer and end-to-end service and will be of assistance to any new users appointed after installation and initial training.
  • Updates – Moodle continuously provides updates which improves the service you receive from them as well as the functionality available. These updates happen frequently and stable versions need to be updated when necessary. We will test the updates and advise you on implementation and rollout, thereby ensuring that the updates are done in such a manner that minimal disruption is caused to the enrolled students and learners.

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