EdTech & Strategy for Higher Education



This programme, founded on a credible and curated body of knowledge from leading EdTech experts, will help anyone working in Higher Education to understand both the challenges and opportunities that exist in the next wave of Higher Education. Learners can expect to engage with thought leadership from leading minds in the field, and complete relevant lessons based on real-world case studies from organisations at the frontier of Higher Education and EdTech respectively.

Developed by some of Higher Education’s top digital thought leaders and accomplished practitioners, this programme aims to give you a thorough working knowledge of the collision between EdTech and Higher Education.

How will it benefit you?

  • Enjoy a rich immersive curated learning experience.
  • Understand and orient yourself to past, present and possible futures for Higher Education.
  • Familiarise yourself with the role of emerging technology as it relates to the business of education.
  • You will explore traditional, as well as novel commercial models and frameworks adopted by experimental organisations at the periphery.
  • Learn why marketing and enrolment management are core to the commercial engine.
  • Navigate through various partnership types, their pitfalls, challenges and opportunities.
  • Discover methods for innovative teaching and learning that embrace both existing and nascent technologies.
  • Shift your thinking on the importance of data, and in particular, the power of data visualisation for decision making.
  • Recognise the nuances of leadership required in the context of the digital, exponential economy.
  • Assess your own organisations readiness to face an uncertain and disruptive future through an innovative Capstone project.

Programme format

Mode:                                                    100% online

Duration:                                               8 weeks (excl. orientation)

Prerequisites:                                       None

Credential:                                            Certificate of completion

Effort:                                                     ~4 hrs per week (recommended)

Language of Tuition:                           English

About the contributors

We are driven and powered by a community of Higher Education professionals. The CONNECTed community of professionals is ensuring a better education sector for future generations. We are truly grateful for the meaningful contribution of so many incredible people who have and continue to share insights, advice and wisdom through our programme.

For a detailed list and profiles of our contributors please click here

Online Programme

Duration - 8 weeks (excl. orientation)

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