COVID-19: Workplace Management Toolkit

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This Toolkit has been developed with the CEO, HR Manager, Health & Safety Manager or COVID-19 Co-ordinator in mind. The content is provided in two parts:

  • COVID-19: Understanding and Preparing the Workplace – provides guidelines on what you need to do in the workplace when opening up your office:
    • Defence – How to Defend Against the Spread of COVID-19
    • Employees
    • Control Measures
    • Exposure – Management and Reduction of Detected On-Site Cases
    • Recovery – Recovery of Processes and Business Functions After Detection
  • Toolkit – provides the following templates and guides:
    • OHS Template
    • CHS01 COVID-19 Health Policy
    • CHS02 COVID-19 Workplace Plan
    • CHS03 COVID-19 Workplace Hygiene Procedure
    • CHS04 COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template
    • CHS05 COVID -19 Employee Screening Assessment Template
    • CHS06 COVID-19 Daily Screening Template
    • CHS07 COVID-19 Toolbox Talk – Awareness
    • CHS08 COVID-19 Toolbox Talk – How to Remove Gloves and Masks
    • CHS09 COVID-19 Toolbox Talk Social Distancing
    • CHS10 COVID-19 Toolbox Talk – Coronavirus
    • CHS11 COVID-19 Communication Attendance Register
    • CHS12 COVID-19 PPE Issue Register
    • CHS13 COVID-19 Compliance Officer Designation
    • CHS14 COVID-19 Reference for Health Workers
    • CHS15 COVID-19 Toolkit Manual
    • CHS16 COVID-19 Waste Disposal Guideline
    • CHS17 COVID-19 Working from Home Indemnity Form
    • CHS18 COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Training Manual

After successful completion of the first section, “COVID-19: Understanding and Preparing the Workplace”, you can download your Certificate of Attendance and an “I am COVID-19 ready” badge which you can add to your email signature.

The second part of the course provides you with the 18 downloadable templates that you can customise for your company. Since the Risk Assessment is of vital importance, we have provided you with a short training manual that will help you carefully produce the Risk Assessment for your organisation.