Building a High Performance Team


(2 Days)

An interactive and collaborative programme to improve leadership team’s impact and effectiveness in age of constant change, digital disruption and emerging tech. This session provides an opportunity to learn, practice and build the team capabilities necessary in successfully navigating the complexity of future challenges.

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How will it benefit you?

  • Increase team coherency and collaboration
  • Improve team ability to prevent and recover quickly from conflicts
  • Learn and practice the process for agile teaming and ways of working
  • Improve team effectiveness from start to finish
  • Learn tools needed to build and sustain high performing, team activity
  • Improve and enhance team execution
  • Reflect on your workspace challenges through ongoing coaching

Programme format

Embark on a 2-day interactive session held in Johannesburg, which is integrated with immersive experiences, including curated special tours and site visits to local innovative companies and start-up incubators. Each session is facilitated by highly experienced faculty, practitioners and thought leaders in digital and future focused trends (including innovation, customer, agile and design thinking). Leadership development is further reinforced through two personalised coaching sessions from The Field’s coach network included as part of the programme.

About the facilitators

Tamara Carleton


Tamara Carleton, Ph.D., is CEO and founder of Silicon-Valley based Innovation Leadership Group LLC. She is a global leader in helping organisations to create radical innovations and to convert visionary ideas into successful businesses. Dr. Carleton teaches in Stanford University’s Continuing Studies programme and is also a Visiting Professor with the Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan and an Adjunct Professor with American University in the US.

Jeff Colvin

Whilst collaborating with ILG, Jeff Colvin is also Vice President of Instructor Development for IPS Learning, a leading management training and e-learning service for global corporates and service provider of Stanford University. Jeff co-founded Link, a management consulting group based in the Silicon Valley that provides companies with process improvement and project management training for high tech businesses. With 20+ years of management consulting experience, Jeff is a leading expert in innovative leadership development, team performance and business enhancement.

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