Blockchain Bootcamp


(1 Day)

Just getting started learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? We are partnering with the Blockchain Academy to provide you with a unique experience to learn from experts in the field around the basics of blockchain (including ethereum) and cryptocurrencies; explore practical applications of the technology through case studies and site-visits; and, develop innovative ideas to apply blockchain in your organisation.

How will it benefit you?

  • Learn the basics of money, bitcoin, blockchain (including the ethereum blockchain)
  • Understand how transactions are stored on the blockchain; how different consensus algorithms work; and, how permissioned and permissionless blockchains differ and why these differences are important
  • Understand the current use cases and opportunities this technology provides in terms of smart contracts, ICOs, payment rails, immutable ledger, proof of ownership, remittances and micro-transactions
  • Discover the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and what leading companies are doing with this technology to enhance their success through on-site visits and curated tours
  • Learn through interactive, hands on discussion and activities with top thought leaders in the digital innovation and transformation space
  • Collectively participate in a creative/free flowing thinking process in order to unlock all potential opportunities for your business
  • Prototype innovative solutions for applying blockchain technology in your business
  • Receive a certificate from our Programme Partner, the Blockchain Academy, upon course completion

Programme format

  • A full day (8:30-4:30 PM), with a break for lunch and networking
  • The programme is delivered in a co-working, start up or innovation hub
  • The day involves deep reflection, teaming exercises, site visits to leading, innovative organisations, and interactive discussions with relevant thoughts leaders
  • Delegates are invited into a community of The Field Alumni, an ongoing network for sharing and connection in the digital space

About the facilitators

Alison Jacobson


Alison Jacobson is one of the founders and directors of The Field, which curates and delivers transformative learning experiences; and of Thunderbay Collective, a collaborative ecosystem of software platforms focused on digital disruption and business transformation.

Alison works with senior leaders from business, government and civil society to help them understand, navigate and embrace the disruptive forces at work today. She is uniquely placed as a guide and coach in this space: she was previously Group Principal Digital Strategist at Dimension Data; and has herself launched several start-ups focused on education, e-learning, social innovation and the new world of work.

Carel De Jager


Carel is an instructor and consultant at the Blockchain Academy. He has been an active investor and crypto miner since the early days. Carel holds a BEng (Chemical) and MEng (Management) degree from the University of the North-West. His interest in blockchain sparked from building an Ethereum mining rig in 2016. Apart from training people about blockchain and running a full Bitcoin node, Carel also has experience speaking at various events and TV shows.

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